Auto chartist
Auto chartist

Identify chart patterns, analyze market conditions, and monitor markets around the clock, with just one click.


GTCFX clients can take advantage of Autochartist™ for free by simply opening an account.

This powerful tool provides market-scanning capabilities that are easy to understand and highlight trading opportunities. With Autochartist™, traders can make quick decisions on what and when to trade.

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Autochartist is a powerful trading tool that allows traders to make informed decisions while saving time. As an essential trading tool, Autochartist has the ability to identify chart patterns and price levels, for trading CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Indices, Precious Metals, Oil, and a lot more!

Now at GTCFX, traders can make informed trading decisions with Autochartist by simply installing the 5 plugin. Use a variety of tools like a volatility indicator to track market movements, a momentum indicator to assess the strength of a trend, and a risk calculator to assess potential profits and losses.

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Make better trading decisions with Autochartist

Identify and react to market movements that are not typical for the instruments you trade

Improve market entry through identification of support and resistance levels

Optimize your stop-loss and take-profit levels with our volatility analysis tool

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Autochartist Analysis types

Autochartist provides technical and statistical analysis and immediately recognises emerging and completed trade setups. Analysis types vary to cater for all types of traders, technical analysis types include: Chart patterns, Horizontal key levels, Fibonacci patterns and Statistical patterns such as Big movements and Consecutive candles.

Chart Patterns

Chart pattern formations that are identified by Autochartist include wedges, triangles, channels, rounding tops and bottoms, and many other patterns. Autochartist also indicates when the price action will reach a predicted target area.

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Horizontal Key Levels

Autochartist Key levels identify horizontal support or resistance levels at significant price levels. This is the most popular analysis type as it is loved by all types of traders. It is simple to understand and ideal for the new trader and very valuable for more experienced and advanced traders.

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Statistical Patterns

Everyone wants to know where the exceptionally large movements in the markets are, as the question is always “What is going to happen next?”. The Autochartist Big Movements and Consecutive Candle statistical patterns automatically identify large movements in the market.

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Fibonacci Patterns

Autochartist automatically identifies Fibonacci patterns that can visually illustrate certain levels at which either support or resistance is anticipated, according to the Golden ratio theory. Levels like that can play an instrumental role in setting up stop-loss levels and identifying trading objectives.

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Autochartist for MetaTrader

The Autochartist Market opportunity scanner is the perfect trading companion. Whether you are trend trader or a swing trader, Autochartist approaching and breakthrough patterns will show you where the action is. If you’re interested in a particular timeframe or pattern type use the Filters option to customize the market activity you see.

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Autochartist in cTrader

Autochartist within the cTrader platform allows traders to simply be presented with available Autochartist trading opportunities. cTrader zones in on what matters most to you, comprehensive content on your favourite instruments.

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Mobile Application

The Autochartist web application analyses charts and patterns to help you pinpoint the best trading opportunities right there in your browser.

Just login to your Client Area and access the Autochartist web app online.

Trading Opportunities

Autochartist’s technical, statistical, macroeconomic, fundamental, and news sentiment analysis content ensures that you engage clients of all trading styles and levels.

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